AIO - Area Interfaith Outreach - Food Pantry

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Area Interfaith Outreach Food Pantry & Emergency Assistance For residents of Knox County

Open Monday Wednesday & Friday 9:30 to noon

Grace Bible Fellowship supports AIO and is a food collection site.

If you, or someone you know does not have enough to eat, please contact AIO directly for assistance and resources.

Please consider supporting this important ministry in Mid-Coast Maine by donating food, money and by praying.

The mid-coast in distress

  • In Maine, from 2010 to 2013, the number of people working full-time but living in poverty grew by 11%.
  • In those years, wages for the worst-paid workers declined by 8%.
  • In the six communities for RSU 13 (the Rockland area school district), one in four children live in families which suffer food insecurity. Half - just above the poverty level - qualify for free lunches
AIO is a member of Good Shepherd Food Bank's network of food pantries in Maine.

The AIO food pantry is open three mornings a week (MWF), from 9:30 to noon. 

Notes: Your household may come for food once per calendar month.  The amount you’re given is based on the size of your family, enough for about three days.  That usually includes frozen meat, fresh produce, baked goods, and eggs, plus canned and boxed food from the shelves.

It’s good if you bring your own bags, but we can supply plastic grocery bags for you.

Emergency Assistance If you are nearly out of heating oil, kerosene, or propane, we may be able to help with as much as 50 gallons. Other help is possible (e.g., electricity, water, sewer, rent).  What we give any household cannot exceed up to $300 per year.  We can also refer you to other places to look for additional help.

Location: Located at the intersection of Thomaston Street and Broadway across from Rockland Middle School at the entrance to the Rockland Industrial Park

Phone: 207-596-1043

Please see their website to donate money or for more information